What commands does this IRC Server provide?

This IRC server provides all standard IRC commands, below is a short listing of basic commands used on a routine basis:

 /nick [newnick] 			//Change your nick, you don't have to reconnect to change this!
 /join [#channel]			//Join a channel (or create if it doesn't exist)
 /mode [yournick] [modes] [params]	//Set a mode
 /topic [#channel]			//Check current channel topic

For channel operators:

 /topic [#channel] [new topic]		//Set a channel topic
 /mode [channel] [modes] [params]	//Set a mode
 /kick [nick] [reason]			//Remove user from current channel

What are those symbols by some people's names?

This IRC server lists user status in channels by an array of symbols. These modes are set by channel owners or operators they designate.

(none)Regular user(none)
+Voice, can speak in a 'moderated' channel where only select users can speakv
%Half-operator, is a "moderator" assigned with the role of handling user-oriented issuesh
@Channel Operator, is a full status operator who can manage both user issues and most channel settings.o
&Channel Administrator, s able to handle all aspects of the channel, including its settings with the server, but cannot manage the channel's registration status.a
~Channel Owner, is able to handle all aspects of the channelq
(none)IRC Operator/Administrator, please note some users who may not have channel status may have server-level status and can over-ride channel settings if needed(none)

What is Ping timeout/Connection Reset by Peer/etc...?

These are error messages produced by the IRC server due to interruptions in the lower-level communications over the internet. A more technical explanation of each is below:

  • Ping Timeout — This is a very common error condition that is caused when an IRC client fails to respond to keepalive messages sent by the IRC server. Between every minute or two, an IRC server transmits these keepalive messages essentially asking a client if it is still connected and alive. This is done so that failed connections do not litter the IRC network. If you experience disconnects with this often, it could be bad connectivity with packet loss anywhere between you and the server.
  • Connection reset by peer — This is also a common error condition where a router or other network device sends a TCP reset (RST) packet to the server. This can occur if a connection is being terminated by a home router where the computer has disconnected from the home network, so it terminates the connection on the computer's behalf. This can also occur if an ISP has a malfunction on some of their infrastructure.
  • Broken pipe — This is a rather uncommon error and usually is due to a message being in processing awaiting to be transmitted, but the connection between the client and server for some reason cannot carry the message (e.g. issue with the TCP/IP stack), so to prevent damage, the server terminates the connection rather than trying to continue to use the connection in this error condition.

I am receiving COMMS messages, what are these?

COMMS is the service many IRC networks have labelled "Global". It transmits messages relevant to operational and administrative nature to all users currently logged onto IRC.

I am receiving WALLOPS messages but don't wish to, how can I turn these off?

Many IRC cleients set mode +w by default, in order to turn this behavior off run this:

 /mode Yournick -w

Furthermore, your IRC client may have a specific setting in its respective configuration to turn +w off on login. Please check with either documentation or support, if neither is available, feel free to request support.