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The Services

Listed here is the services available for use on our IRC network, they have been grouped by type:


Usual services found on many IRC networks and need little introduction:
ChanServ - Channel Registration and maintanance service
NickServ - Nickname reservation service
MemoServ - User-to-User memo service
HelpServ - Offers various help on other "Main" services
OperServ - IRC Operators only. Provides an interface as to control services and over-ride channels when required.

Protective/Security Services

These are services that are tasked with protecting the IRC network from attackers.
AutoDefence - Automated Defence - controlled via Kyana, however, often automatically performs various tasks to ensure security
ProxyScanner - Scans incomming connections for trojans and/or open proxies.
LimitServ - performs limiting functions in place of join/part floods and the like.

Informational Services

Here are services that provide information on various items.
Kyana - capable of retrieving limitless data as it is constantly being programmed and reprogrammed, it can provide plenty of data, it's commands are natural langage, so there's no help file, however, it's functionality is well-known.
NeoStats - provides a statistical service.
SeenServ - provides the information of when a user is last online, or is currently on.

Recreational Services

These are game and other fun services, Official bots may be also on this list.
GameServ - provides several games, such as: HiLo, Hi[gh] number and low number guessing game. Russian Roulette, self-explanatory game, involving gun and bullet. Bomb, which is a game that involves defusing a bomb. Tic Tac Toe, an obvious game.
WarServ - A card game which one must obtain all cards in the game
YahtzeeServ - provides the familiar game of Yahtzee.

System/Utility Services

These are services that primarily are used to obtain information, run system-level commands, and other such system-level operations.
Kyana - At the system level, Kyana is essentially a representation ("avatar") of the system in which she resides on, She's capable of getting system reports, detrmining if there's immenent failiure of components, and other such information.
SYSTEM - Related to Kyana - This is a command interface between "Core IRC services" and the other IRC services running on the network. Also, reports internally information on how the system behind Kyana runs.
NeoStats - providing IRCDAuthentication, based on IRCD and user auth modes, ExtAuth, which checks for your IRCOps and above modes and allows access, as well controlling every aspect of the following services and keeping them online: LimitServ, GamesServ, renamed to GameServ, YahtzeeServ and WarServ.